Executive Decision

After much thought and contemplation I've decided to cease all psychotropic drugs. This may be a huge mistake but I can't justify continuing any longer. I have enough left over to titrate down without quitting cold turkey. It's just a matter of halving the dose over a fews days time, then halving again. I've called the doctor and left a voicemail informing her the decision's already been made and all future appointments are canceled. I invited her to return my call if she's so inclined to discuss this but no reply as of yet.

I'll now have to brace myself for withdrawal symptoms and the sad reality that my drugless self will surface once again reminding me why I take these meds in the first place. But I need a brain cleansing of some kind. I need a break from these chemicals. I have to break this cycle. I've sworn off drugs in the past only to return with my tail between my legs realizing I can't function without being chemically propped up. It's so cruel. It's anybody's guess as to what will happen. I have to see this through and find an alternative before my brain becomes any more scrambled.

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