TNS (post #4)

Eight weeks.

Eight weeks sleeping with sticky electrodes adhered to my forehead and wires running down the inside of my shirt to a small, metal box.

Eight weeks of feeling the sensation of electrical current contracting the forehead muscles, at times to the point of discomfort. Ironically when looking in the mirror with everything attached, the current causes the inside end of my eyebrows to bow upward giving the appearance of marked worry and sadness.

The initial phase of the clinical trial is over.

No change.
No benefit.

I have the option now of continuing to use the device for up to six more months. I've agreed to do just that. The facilitator suggested I could be a "slow responder," or a "non responder." If I'm a slow responder then it's possible I'll have remission within the additional six months. If I don't continue then I'll never know.

There is another treatment that uses the same principle called VNS. Vagus (like Vegas) Nerve Stimulation. This involves the surgical implant of a device that has lead wires that wrap around the vagas nerve which runs down the neck. A completely different nerve, a completely different devise. The facilitator shared with me that he knows of subjects who have had the VNS implant but didn't have any remission until a year later.

A year.

This got me thinking that I need to be more patient and to see this through to the end as much as I can stand it. I am thoroughly disappointed that the first eight weeks failed....but, I've been here before...many, many times. I have nothing to lose by continuing. I don't know what else to do.