Point Of No Return

My marriage is disintegrating.

Depression has taken my soul and in the process, my wife and children have lived with an empty shell of a man that knows no joy. It's reaching new depths that I never imagined. I live with immense guilt and regret for so many wasted years that are lost forever. I've strived to be a good father and husband under the relentless weight of depression. But I'm convinced now that I've failed. It may have reached the point of no return. I believe I have lost her. My heart is broken because I've broken my wife's heart. I've done selfish things over the years that have hurt her though I've never had that intent. One can say 'I'm sorry' only so many times. She has been robbed of a happy marriage that she so deserves.

It may be time to seek more intense treatment before
I lose my wife — or my life.