I've really been wanting to post something lately, but I can't even put a cohesive thought together. Only words come to mind. A big, dark void. Quicksand. Empty. Dread. Hopeless. Fragile. Dead inside. Soulless. Jaded. Sorrowful. On and on. Sorry, I'm really sorry.


  1. Is there someone in your life who "gets it" and who you can share your feelings with? Someone who you feel comfortable leaning on?

  2. There is a gentlemen I meet with once a week for coffee who has been clinically depressed for years. He's even been suicidal. We commiserate. We share without judgement. I'm trapped in an extremely thick coat of armor so it doesn't particularly help me overall but it certainly doesn't hurt to be able to vent with someone. We each have our own hell and can relate to each other on a limited plane in that respect.